Application Process

The United Methodist Leadership Scholarship (UMLS) has parameters of merit based on church and community involvement as well as scholastic achievement.

UMLS is for United Methodist student applicants in the Southeastern Jurisdiction (SEJ) who will be an entering freshman attending a SEJ United Methodist-related institution of higher learning.

The applicant must exhibit exceptional leadership characteristics and promise for church and community leadership in the future. They must have the ability to articulate their future vocational goals as they relate to personal faith and leadership in the church.

This is a $10,000 yearly scholarship that requires reapplication annually to assure parameters of merit are being maintained.

Please read below completely before going to application to determine your eligibility. If you do not qualify for the UMLS, please refer to the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation (UMHEF) web site for other scholarship opportunities.


  1. A high school senior (for sequential years, the awarded scholar will reapply)
  2. A current and active member of the United Methodist Church in the SEJ
  3. Possess a minimum of a 3.5 grade point average
  4. Demonstrate long-term commitment and leadership in the United Methodist Church

Application Process

  1. Complete online applicationApplication will not be considered complete until all following documentation has been received by UMHEF
  2. Official copy of high school transcript (College transcript for sequential years)
  3. Copy of ACT/SAT score
  4. Résumé detailing your leadership roles in your church, school, and community with contact names and numbers for verification
  5. Written reference from clergy addressing your promise for leadership in the United Methodist Church
  6. Written references from a teacher (professor for sequential years) and community volunteer addressing your academic achievement and leadership abilities
  7. Essay – How do you envision using your leadership skills in the future for the United Methodist Church? (For sequential years, what knowledge have you gained that will assist your leadership skills in the future for the United Methodist Church?)

What if a student is awarded the scholarship and then decides not to attend a participating United Methodist-related school in the SEJ?

Please contact us. We will then cancel the scholarship and choose another recipient.

When and how do recipients receive their award money?

Recipients will receive a Verification of Enrollment (VOE) form with their award letter in the spring. The top half of the form must be filled out by the recipient. In the fall, after classes have begun and the recipient has enrolled full-time at a participating United Methodist-related institution in the SEJ, he/she must take the VOE to the Registrar's Office, have them complete the bottom portion and then mail it to the Foundation. An Award check will be mailed to the recipient's school after the Foundation receives the completed VOE.

What if I lose my Verification of Enrollment (VOE) form? How can I get another one?

The Verification of Enrollment (VOE) may be downloaded from the UMHEF Resource Library.